HAUNTED TWIN FLAME TRUE LOVE Spell 95 yr old Witch Cassia4

Twin Flame Love spell Cast for you DAILY by 95 year old Witch

 Albina will cast this amazing Twin Flame spell for you and consecrate a ring or pendant as well


Albina will cast this Long held and protected spell Called the "Twin Flames ( souls)" spell for you. This spell will assist one in evolving to a level in which one will attract and then be 'ready" for one's twin flame. She explains that Twin Flames are much deeper than soul mates with an extremely powerful love and soul connection that is on the highest spiritual level possible!

 She went on to say that Soul mates are much more common and everyone has more than one soul mate whch could include a teacher, friend, child or a pet. However, eveyone only has one twin soul and that is because you and your twin were once one soul that 'broke" into two to learn individual lessons. She also added that twin souls will notice each other as "familiars" and that upon meeting they will find they feel " an extreme happiness" like they've never experienced before! She says that one may feel "empty" and then "as if one has been "made whole" again. Twin flames may also have similar physical traits, the same past illnesses and injuries, and possible similar interests as well. Albina continued to say that twin flames share a "deeply spiritual relationship and if it becomes an intimate relationship, she says that twin flames share and highly develped sexual bond as well!" She does say that "complete" opposites are also possible as if both you and your twin are opposing sides of the same coin!
Unfortunately, because each of us only have one twin, we will never meet this twin and even if this rare opportunity becomes possible, we most likely will not have "evolved" to a level in which we can handle the extremely intense relation with our other half! She says that unless one has "completed tasks and learned specific lessons" they willl not be able to maintain the relationship. Albina notes that this is why most never meet their twin and why those who do find the once in a lifetime relationship quite unsuccessful.

Albina says that this is why this spell was created long ago to assist the bearer of such a magickal in "evolving" by enhancing one's knowledge and understanding in order to accelerate "learning" and therefore increasing "evolution" and attracting one's twin! This acceleration will also assist one's twin because twin flames share a deep psychic bond and when one begins to evolve so does their other half ( one will also think and feel what one's twin does!). In other words, if both twins increase the evolutionary process, they will most likely meet and also be able to remain close!! She adds that there is usually a "key" work that you and your twin will also need to accomplish together and this spell will assist in discovering what that "key" is. Then she says that you and your twin can know what service you need to "give back to the universe" in order to walk together along your destined path!

Albina says is is also important to include that in instances, where one's twin is "beyond this plane" and "in the spirit world" one will be able to communicate with one's twin who will form a guide and assist their twin while they are "separated". She says often one twin has not "returned to the physical realm" and that this does not mean that one cannot share a deep connection with their twin regardless.

In the end, she says that once one finds and achieves this highly evolved relationship with one's twin, one will then begin understanding and experiencing a joy like no other and a relationship beyond what one ever thought possible with another person! She calls this form of Magick " a Blessing that can allow one to have a divine relationship that most will never truly be able to experience in the scope of their lifetime". My Sincere Blessings and Wishes to the wonderful Albina for all of her time and efforts!!

HAUNTED TWIN FLAME TRUE LOVE Spell 95 yr old Witch Cassia4
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